Keep In Mind The Scouting Skills


There are things we take for granted but when we are faced with an emergency, those things my come in handy. One of them is the first aid skills. if you were a scout when you were still young, chances are you remember all the skills you learnt, if not, you ought to remember them. This video shows you how important those skills are.
This video starts when young boy swims in the ocean to rescue a drowning girl. The boy uses his scouting skills to perform first aid to the girl. The girl then recovers and coughs the water out. This video shows you how important is was to lead a team with a smile and tackling the challenges head on. These are the same skills that are used on a daily basis to save lives across the world.
If you learnt them as a young child, this video encourages you to also empower your child and give him/her the chance impact the community. You should watch and share this educative video to your friends, either scouts or non scouts.

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