Hug Lady Showed Unique Appreciation for Our Troops


Since 2003, if you were a soldier departing or returning to Fort Hood, Texas, you could count on a sincere, friendly hug from a volunteer, Elizabeth Laird, also known as the “Hug Lady”. Ms. Laird started giving hugs to service men and women , when a chance friendly encounter with a soldier left her with the idea that soldiers should have someone to hug them farewell as they leave for deployment and give them a warm welcome home when they return.She has hugged soldiers in the street, at the airports, wherever she found them.
According to recent news articles, Elizabeth Laird just passed away at the age of 83, after struggling with cancer, leaving many of our brave men and women in uniform sad, but comforted by the memory of the lovely lady, with the bright yellow ribbon in her hair, that was there to send them off and greet them with a hug.

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