Help A Shelter Dog Find A Home


This is an up close video about the life of a dog in a dog shelter, because he currently does not have an owner. The circumstances of how and why he ended up at the shelter are not mentioned. But the fact is that this beautiful black dog, that is stocky in build and seems to have a gentle personality along with a sweet face and soft eyes, is in the dog shelter.

A worker at the shelterdecides to bring the dog home with her overnight to give this cute dog that is named Juice some time out of his pen at the shelter, to have a break from his life at the shelter. He must have been able to get a lot more of individualized attention when he was at the person’s home and must have loved it; because when he was back at the shelter in his pen, he kept crying for the whole day. He needs a home where he get all the love and attention that he needs.

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