He Went Home And Had To Leave A Dog. 2 Years Past? WOW!


During this super cute video, you will see two very sweet dogs enjoying some ice cream together. The pug in the video decided that he would offer his friend, a lab mix a chance to eat this delicious treat with him. There are two cones being eaten by the dogs and they are really loving them. One thing that makes this very super funny, is the fact that it is being filmed in slow motion.

In the video, Doug the pug Reunites with his canine friend and having some ice cream together is a way of celebrating. The owner of Doug really must love him very much, to give him such a treat. When Doug’s friend finishes his cone, Doug gladly shares the rest of his with him. Both the dogs lap up the last of the ice cream and had a super fun time doing it. Make sure to check out this funny video for yourself!

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