He Was Standing Up Silence. When He lifted His Head? Amazing!


Hallelujah is a beautiful song that is often preformed at churches. But in this video you are going to hear this age old classic, turned into a beautiful remake that will bring you to your feet. As the song starts, you find the sound amazing. This song is being played with a violin and a piano, which is a looping cover. Hearing this song for the first time is really a treat and its music to your ears.

The beautiful blend of piano and violin is very soothing, which gives this song a unique twist. While there are no lyrics to this song, just the melody is enough to make it great. The ending of this song is very similar to the beginning and is very easy to listen too. This was a great performance that you have to see for yourself to believe. So make sure to check it out before leaving. You will not be disappointed.!

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