He Was Scared To Use The Stairs. What He Did? So Cute!


The Labrador retriever is a breed of hunting dog, but it can be great for other purposes as well. In this video, which lasted for only eighteen seconds and was posted on YouTube one week before this article was written, a little girl — probably aged five to seven — giggles as her cute Labrador puppy slides down the ramp that had obviously been built for her (since the puppy wore a purple collar, I am assuming that this was a female) — it was made of cork and fixed around the steps. As the video opens, the puppy is at the top of the stairs. She gets on the ramp, stretching her arms out in front of her, then slides down as her young mistress giggles in appreciation. Many viewers thought that this giggle was the most attractive element in the video, and shared it on Google Plus. A large green plastic turtle is visible in the background.

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