He Was Killed In War. When His Family Met His Dog? Heartwarming!


Prepare to wipe some tears away as you watch this family take in the dog of a fallen marine. Every dog deserves a loving home, and that is just what this family is going to give Eli! Watch as the dog is presented to them, and see how they break down over being able to adopt him. Notice how they all fall instantly in love with this special dog. They are going to be taking good care of this dog from now on, and you can see their love for Eli in this video. They are adopting him and promising to give him the best of care, and a great home. This touching video is sure to warm the hearts of all. It’s sure to restore your faith in humanity. There are still people who care out there in this world – people like Eli’s new adoptive family. They will be taking good care of him!

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