He Was Kidnapped When He Was 3 Years Old. 15 Years Later? WOW!


This is a heartwarming story which could have had a much different, much more tragic ending. Instead, it is a testament to the good that come from the internet and social media. A mother and her son being reunited, after more than a decade apart, is touching and inspires hope in those who hear about it. However, this story is a bit different than past stories with the same subject. After years of separation, a Facebook profile picture was the key factor in bringing the two together again.
This mother, Hope Holland, from the South Bay Area, claims her son was kidnapped from her, by his father who had joint custody, when he was just a boy. After a Facebook search produced a picture of what looked like her son, Jonathan, Hope dug deeper. The result of her efforts was a much anticipated and long hoped for get together with her now adult son.

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