He Wanted To Give Her Mama Some Love. Her Reaction? Love it


This video features a baby goat that really wants to play its mother. However, the mother goat has absolutely no interest in playing with her baby. This leads to a hilarious interaction between the two goats that has been captured in this video. The baby goat decided to repeatedly jump on its mother’s head in order to convince her to play, but his actions had no effect on her whatsoever. The mother goat just completely ignored the baby and went on with her actions while pretending that the baby goat was not even there. After awhile, mother goat got so annoyed that she tried running away. However, the baby took this as a sign that she wanted to play, so he followed her enthusiastically. We greatly appreciate that you took the time to watch this cute video, and it would also be greatly appreciated if you could share it on Facebook.

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