He Is Terrified Of Water. What He Does? Hilarious!


If you have a love for horses then you are going to love this video of a horse’s first time going into the water. Watch as he hesitates at the water’s edge, and then rejoice with him as he gets into the water and starts splashing it with his hooves! It may be this horse’s first time in water but he sure knows how to have some fun as he splashes around in it!

This video shows how much fun can be had in everyday situations if we just let ourselves feel as if it were the first time doing something. This horse never experienced stepping into the water before, and he fully embraces the moment! He loves the feel of the water on his hooves, and he splashes it up to test it out!
Horse lovers will fall in love with this special animal immediately. He sure is an adventurous horse! He knows how to have a good time.

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