From Aggressive To Sweet; The Transformation Of A Rescued Dog


Scared, alone and hiding in a bush, Dorothy, a neglected dog – neglected to the point of developing some violent tendencies – took a decent sized bite out of one of her rescuers. After the pair of rescuers finally get her subdued through the use of an arm strap, as well as a pole leash and a standard leash. The wrestle their way to safety. The sad truth is that perfectly friendly dogs can develop such tendencies through years of abuse and/or neglect. Luckily, Dorothy realizes pretty quickly that she is no match for her new captors, submitting and laying down in the grass. Fast forward a couple of months and we see her and her new owners enjoying their time outside as the best of friends. This goes to show that any dog, no matter the circumstances and no matter the age, has the potential to make a quick turn around and can become someone’s loving companion until the end of its days.

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