Find out how this cute moose family fights the heat wave


The definition of “adorable” has just changed as these cute moose family visits someone’s front lawn to take a quick bath in the middle of summer. Seems that not only people are trying to do their best to fight off the heat wave, which strikes with more and more power every season. This mama-moose gets it, and does it with style.
The incredible joy that a simple bath gives this moose family reminds one that a moose, although still an animal, is not very different from us. The calves are running around exactly just like kids do, and their mom wants to calm them down a little bit, worrying they run too fast. It’s not far from what one can see in a park, watching an ordinary family on a Sunday stroll. Luckily for them, people filming the moose didn’t seem to mind that they are playing in front of their house – it seems that people in Alaska are more or less used to similar situations, and enjoy such visitors.
The video is enjoyable to watch, and seeing how happy the calves are, one instantly thinks of doing exactly the same. If you’ve thought that wild animals find it difficult to coexist with people, this video proves that some of them are doing just fine – and are smart enough to benefit from people’s possessions, taking a free bath at a cost of the homeowner!

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