Family Dog Saves Missing Three Year Old’s Life


There is no greater love than is shared between a child and their dog. When a little three year old goes missing, her family is frantic! Imagine the horror her parents must have felt when they feared for the worst. This video showcases the store of a Missing 3 Year Old Saved By Family Dog. When rescuers finally discovered the child, they quickly realized she was not alone. She had survived the cold night because of her faithful friend, Blue.

Blue is one hero that deserves to be forever honored. He stayed with the little girl through the cold night and most likely cuddled with her and kept her warm. He was even protective when the rescuers came in to help. Once he realized they were there to help the little girl, he was thrilled. This story of a Missing 3 Year Old Saved By Family Dog will touch your heart. Share this story with others so this furry hero can get the recognition he deserves!

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