Experiment in NYC Showcases That Most People Carry a Regret within


Do you have a regret? If you do, you might feel that maybe you are the only one carrying that burden, but that is not the case. Almost every single one of us has a regret and thus feels this way. You are not alone! Don’t believe so? If you don’t, then you definitely must watch this video. It is going to provide you with a different mindset.
In less than two weeks, this video has been able to garner almost two million views, which is quite amazing. This alone definitely makes it a must watch. This video showcases a chalkboard that is left in a very visited spot in New York City. The chalkboard is there for the people passing by to go ahead and write a message that states the biggest regret that they are carrying within.
Surprisingly, almost everybody passing byis attracted by it. A lot of people wrote down their regret. The majority of the messagesbegan with ‘not.’ Even though this video might make you sad in the beginning, it definitely won’t at the end, as it showcases a perspective that will change your way of thinking.
We invite you to go ahead and watch it so that you can be enlightened. In order for your Twitter and Facebook friends to be enlightened as well, feel free to share this video with them. Don’t forget to rate it!

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