Every dog needs a little loving


There are tons of shelters for animals out there that try and find homes for dogs. Not every dog finds a home and unfortunately it could mean being put down for many of the animals that are in the shelter for too long. Pit Bulls can be especially hard to place because of their history in the media of being portrayed as dangerous dogs. This can make it tough when you are running a home for Pit Bulls and are trying to find homes for them all.

This clip is from a feature on the Ellen show and it features Tia Torres that runs a home for dogs that matches them to former convicts and parolees that are struggling on their own. The dogs teach the former criminals patience, love, understanding and responsibility, which is in turn passed onto the dog as well. Tia brought with her a Pit Bull who needs a home himself, and who also seems to steal the show a little. Standing in front of Ellen and being fed snacks right from her hand, he keeps going in for more. He even sits down in front of her and stares at her until she continues to feeds him. His name is Snorkie and he is great with children. Visit the Ellen show online and see more details for yourself. You might find yourself a special friend in the process.

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