Even dogs like to have a little fun


When dogs get to have fun, they will and not just for their own amusement but for the amusement of the entire family as well. This black lab falls down in the snow, but it’s not an accident when he does it. He seems to fall down on purpose because there is snow all over the ground.

When there is a little hill and it snows kids have fun by sliding down it. Usually on sleds or a one-piece bodysuit, but when you are a dog you don’t have those options. Instead what you do have is a thick coat of fur to keep you warm, but it also works to help you slide down a snow covered hill. This black lab seems to have figured that out and continues to fall down in the snow so it can slide down the hill. He usually slides down for a little while before getting up and climbing back up a little bit. Meanwhile you hear the owners and a child just cracking up in laughter as they are watching their dog do this over and over again. In fact, they keep encouraging the dog to do it over and over again.

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