Ellen Calls Gladys: This 88 Year Old Will Have You Cracking Up!


WhenEllen Calls An 88-Year-Old Woman named Gladys, the result is hilarious! Gladys is an opinionated88-year-old woman who has lived long enough to give sound advice. When she had contacted the show and told them to move a plant because it made Ellen look like a porcupine, Ellen decided she just had to talk to this gem! This on-air conversation will have you rolling in laughter with each word that comes out of the mouth of Gladys.

The momentEllen Calls An 88-Year-Old Woman, she answers the phone with quick wit and humor. You will love listening to her sage advice as she talks to Ellen. The biggest thrill of the video is, Gladys does not even know she is funny! Ellen promises she will be reaching out to Gladys on a regular basis. We look forward to hearing more from this riotous senior citizen as she talks about everyday life and all the funny moments it brings.

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