Dog Guides Owner to Abandoned Baby is a Sheer Miracle


“Bobby” the dog didn’t want to go the same direction he goes every morning with his owner, instead he pulled him in a different direction. His owner didn’t mind the change and allowed Bobby to lead him down a different dirt road. The dog led his owner right to an abandoned baby lying along the side of the road. Quickly he called for help and his wife came with a towel that they wrapped the baby girl, only hours old, into. Once she was wrapped up, the newborn baby girl started to cry and they knew she was going to be okay. Bobby’s owner says this was a “sheer miracle” and feels his dog knew there was a human in trouble he had to help. He also feels there was a “higher influence” guiding them to this tiny little girl as he feels all life is precious to God. The baby and the teenage mother they later found are both in the hospital doing well.

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