Counting by Two’s.


Being around twins my entire life I have seen, first hand, the bond that comes with having a twin. Having an Aunt and Uncle who were twins growing up, then having identical twin sisters and later having my very own set of twin boys, I can most certainly relate.

Amplifying the bond I have witnessed with my own twins by 10 fold, is Lindon, Utah identical twin sisters Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall. This set of twins has a bond that is undeniable. From Elementary school on up to college these twin girls never spent a moment apart. They went on to pursue the same major, in the same college. Later on in life, they would get the same job, in the same school. But, not leaving it there, they decided to marry best friends and have their first set of twins barely a year apart.

As if that weren’t enough, the twins took it to a whole other level. Four years after their first set of twins, the Utah twin sisters were pregnant together, again. With their second set of twins. That twin bond sure is something else.

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