Cheetah Cubs Get Unexpected Foster Mom


When a litter of cheetah cubs are orphaned at only a few days old, the search for a surrogate mother -finds an unexpected savior. Willow’s cheetah cubs were safely born via c-section, but their mother did not fare so well, passing away just a few days later. Luckily, personnel at the Cincinnati Zoo knew just who to call to care for the tiny pups. Blakely, an Australian Shepard and resident “nursery dog”, immediately began snuggling with the cheetah cubs, providing them much needed comfort. But this surrogacy also provides a much needed physical benefit as well. The cheetah cubs instinctively climb all over Blakely, as they would their mother, which strengthens their muscles and keeps their digestion moving. Eventually, Blakely will teach the tiny cubs all important survival skills as well. This is not the first time Blakely has been called into action; another cheetah cub and a baby takin received the benefits of his tender care as well. No doubt this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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