Caring Pilots Volunteer to Fly Injured Dog to Safety


This video gives a bird’s eye view of the work being done by Pilots n’ Paws. One young Brittany Spaniel was the victim of a hit and run driver on the Tennessee roadways. Although the dog was stabilized by a local veterinarian the animal needed around the clock care while those injuries were healing. An Iowa rescue volunteered its services but there was more than 600 miles that separated the canine from those who would provide love, care and shelter.

It was not long before rescuers found a solution. At Pilots n’ Paws experienced pilots volunteer to transport animals who are in need. With panoramic aerial views you can experience the majestic wonder of this life-saving flight. This is a labor of love and this young dog’s reactions to this unique adventure are filmed each step of the way. The compassion and patience exhibited by pilots and rescuers proves an awesome tribute benefiting man’s “best friend”. Open your heart to the joy of animal rescue as this dog is flown from Tennessee to its second chance at life in Iowa.

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