Barber Cheers up a Young Boy and Makes Him a Promise


Barbers tend to see alltypes of people walk into their establishments. It can definitely be a very fun job to be a barber, as not only are you cutting hair, but you can also interact with people and provide your two cents on whatever their current situation is; take this video, which was uploaded a couple of weeks ago, for example.
In this video, you’ll watch Mike Shelton, a barber who one day ends up cutting the hair of a 4th grader. This barber begins to talk to this boy about school. The boy tells him that he has been having a very difficult time getting good grades.
The barber tells this boy that he should work extra hard at school, and if he gets straight A’s and comes back and shows him his report card, he would get free haircuts for life. Soon after, the barber forgot all about his encounter with the little boy.
If you want to know what happens, go ahead and watch this video. Don’t forget to rate it, and share it with your friends on Facebook.

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