Babies With Animals


What’s cuter than babies? What’s cuter than animals? Why, both together, of course. Throughout this fun video are dozens of cute babies with adorable animals.
Some are tots at the zoo observing some interesting animals. On one side of the glass, inquisitive babies are being examined by the animals who are just as questioning. One loving tot even kisses a chimp through the glass. How adorable!A toddler frolics with a cow while they consider one another. One little tyke is enjoying being chased by a miniature horse. Too little, too cute.

There’s fun and giggles with domestic animals, too. A cute baby giggles while her hand is licked by a Border Collie puppy pal. A newborn baby enjoys the touch of a soft bunny, a real one, of course. Another exuberant toddler is gleeful while sharing the couch with a pit bull pal. Another sweet baby enjoys meeting a tricolor guinea pig. One more laughs when the family pooch enjoys playing with an empty soda bottle.
So many giggles, so many squeals, so much cuteness included here. Babies and animals steal our hearts but together, they really slay us. You can’t view too many babies with animals. Their reaction is so priceless, unfettered and real.

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