Awesome clothing life hacks for girls


If you are a fashion freak and have lust for dressing up and look fashionable, here are some weird clothing life hacks for you. Yes, if you could not find time to iron your T shirt, you can just spray water with a spray bottle on it and simply enjoy wearing it. You have to hurry out to a friend’s place but your jeans zip got stuck, take a lead pencil and rub its lead against the zip teeth, your zip will now smoothly close up. You are not sure about your jeans waist and you are stuck on the shop, all you have to do is to hold the waist around your neck if the ends meet perfectly, go for the jeans as the waist is always doubles the circumference of the neck. You can easily shave off the dirty looking dots off your sweaters with a simple shaving razor. A tank top with loosened straps can be worn upside down in style and no one will ever know what happened actually. If the neck of your once worn T shirt deshaped, just soak it in hair conditioner for 5 minutes, let it dry and it will look new. If you are fed up with the sweating smell and stains on the underarms area of clothing, you can get rid of it by rubbing a lemon on the area and then wiping it off with wet cloth. Before lending some clothing to your friend, always take her picture holding your clothes and you will never forget taking it back. A damaged stitch in your sweater can be fixed with a hair pin, simply pass the thread of your sweater through the pin and take the through the other side. That is it!

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