Animals like to have a little fun too


Humans are not the only ones that have a sense of playfulness when it comes to being a child or any other time. This cuteand short video shows that a gorilla can be just as playful as the little human he happens to be playing with. Of course this is all behind a large plexi window at the Columbus zoo, but it shows the full habitat and allows the patrons to get up close and personal with the animals they have come to see.

In this case the gorilla plays peek-a-boo witha toddler that happens to be playing with them as well. The two of them run back and forth looking at each other through the window and hiding behind the break in between the windows. Both the human and he gorilla are having a great time doing this, showing how playful both spirits can be. And since kids love to see the animals at the Zoo, this particular toddler happened to get an experience they are not soon to forget. I’m sure the young gorilla will be wondering where his pale skinned companion had disappeared to and when he will get to visit again. And it goes to show you that you should take your kids to the Zoo as often as you can, as they just might get to have a similar experience of their own.

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