Amusing Squirrel Feeder Transforms the Animal into Something New


When one has squirrels showing up in their yard again and again they want to have a way to either scare those squirrels away or to find amusement in those squirrels. This video shows how aHorse Head Squirrel Feeder can change up the way that squirrels eat in a yard and the way that he home owners will feel when they see those squirrels eating. TheHorse Head Squirrel Feeder allows a squirrel to feed himself all while looking silly. The squirrel does not realize that he looks like a tiny horse when he is eating, but those who are watching do notice that and find it to be funny. This video shows how an innovative squirrel feeder can help to bring amusement to those who have a squirrel problem in their yard. This video is funny and simple, and it is a quick one to watch and to enjoy.

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