Mandanah Gallegos is not your ordinary belly dancer. However, the fact that she does not meet what society dictates belly dancers should look like did not stop her from pursuing her dream. Mandanah was the first highly awarded full figure belly dancer. She masterfully and very beautifully performed her solo drum belly dance routine on 19th October 2008 during the Middle eastern Treasures concert in Humanist hall found in Oklahama.This performance earned her more than 33 million views worldwide.

Mandanah is very enthusiastic and performs her routine with confidence that is bound to draw you in. her facial expressions and the way she has mastered her moves draws your attention. The routine she performed is very captivating and leads one to conclude that size does not matter as at the end of the day she demonstrates that she has indeed mastered this skill. Despite the negative comments about her performance, she has gained plenty of praise from many people as she dared to defy society and still came out standing. She is truly an amazing icon who shows that society should not dictate what you do with your life and that it is okay to go against it when pursuing your dreams.

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