Amazing Friendship between a girl and her duck


This heart warming video tells the story of Kylie, a five year old girl who has a special friendship with her duck. Snowflake thinks that Kylie is her mom and follows her everywhere. They go to soccer practise, to the park, the beach and sledging in winter. They even go trick or treating together and snowflake dresses up as a snowman.

Snowflake lives in the house with Kylie and her family and has to wear a little nappy in case of any accidents. Kylie is a very cute girl who is very gentle and caring, she is going to be a great mum one day. The presenter is asking Kylie lots of questions but seems to be confusing her. He even says one day snowflakes going to grow up and go to college.

This is a very special friendship, they both have a very special bond and kylie refuses to go anywhere without her duck.

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