A look back at Childhood


This video will take you on a journey back to your childhood if you were born in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or even the early 80’s. These were times when things were much simpler then they are today. There was less technology to keep kids indoors, there was no facebook. Friends would meet up, fight, fall out of trees and would still survive. Tests were hard and if you got in trouble at school your parents would take the side of the school.

It was also a more dangerous time with less health and safety rules, cots were painted with lead based paints which would be illegal nowadays. Kids drank too much soda but never got fat as they were running around playing all day. The only rule was to come home when the street lights were turned on.

This video then takes a look at some of the great people who were born in these decades and turned out to be amazing leaders and inspirational people.

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