A Kitty and His Fireman


A house fire is a horrible thing to experience, and sometimes pets are also inside when a fire breaks out. Fire is a very confusing element, and the smoke that it produces is more dangerous than the fire. It can kill people, and animals, faster than the fire can. This is because if you are already sleeping, the smoke can make you sleep even more deeply, and then it kills you. This kitty was in the fire, and like all other cats, could not open the door to escape. When the fireman finds him, he gently lifts him up in his huge gloved hand to carry him outside to fresh air.
Because fresh air alone isn’t enough the fireman places an oxygen mask on the kitty’s face, covering his entire head. What a poor kitten! As the oxygen begins to flow out, the fireman slowly rubs the kitten’s chest, causing him to begin to breathe a bit. Because the interior of the home was so hot, the kitten is overheated, also, so the fireman pours some water on the kitten. This is one of those few times that kittens and cats don’t mind so much being wet! The kitten will be dry soon enough, but now he is breathing on his own again and mewing.

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