A Fast Food Worker Was Caught Doing THIS To This Little Girl. What Happened After? WOW!


Some people call it karma, others call it manners, respect, or just being kind to people. This video shows an experiment from those working on minimum wage and the kindness they send out to the world. If you were short a few cents, and didn’t have enough money to make your purchase, of an ice cream, or something similar would someone else be so kind to you?

This video shows a couple of kids and how they go to several different eating establishments from outdoor, food trucks, and fast food and test the kindness of the workers. For small business this works just fine, as the can lose a little change for the kindness of the people. For large corporations however that kindness could actually get an employee fired, which is just sad. These two kids go to each place and are a bit short on cash, the first one says no and stops the people from making the shake.

The rest of the video shows the kindness of the other people however and how they are than rewarded for their kindness with a note. Inside the note is a hundred dollars, rewarding them for the good they were doing, even if they were not expecting it.

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