A Dog’s Best Friend Is His Human


Are you considering adopting a dog? Maybe you just love animals in general and love to watch videos where they instantly connect with their human counterparts. A Dog’s Best Friend Is His Human is certainly a video that tugs on the heartstrings. It is about an adorable dog that is living in an adoption center. His favorite toy is a small stuffed animal of a man wearing glasses and a green sweater. He loves this toy so much that it is with him wherever he goes. The dog has the toy when being trained. He has the toy when being groomed. Of course he sleeps with the toy. At the end of the video a man who happens to look exactly like the toy, including the glasses and green sweater walks in, and shakes hands/paws with the dog. The two have an instant connection, which brings us to the very last frame of this adorable video. It shows the dog on a leash leaving the facility with his new best friend. A truly happy ending!

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