A Cop Was Walking On The Street. What He Did When He Saw The Littles Girls Jumping? Amazing!


This video is perhaps rather short, but even though it only runs a little over half a minute it tells a great story that people often forget. This police officer is a friend to the community as most of them are. They are not only there to help people and to stop crimes from happening, as well as solve them, they are also their as friends to the communities they are in. This includes where they work as well as where they live.

In this clip the police officer is in a jump rope contest with two little girls. He holds his own for about 12 seconds before he loses and ends up surrendering. The girl on the left than ends up losing next making the little girl on the right the winner. Watching how fast she is able to jump rope though it is clear why she is the winner. True to form though the police officer claps and cheers her on congratulating her on her success.

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